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Huge quality-of-life improvement: It is now possible to reorder rules.

Feature Flags can have targeting by rules. The rules allow you specify who should see which variant based on certain conditions. This is a powerful way to be very specific over which visitor is served which variant.

The rules are evaluated from top to bottom. If the first rule matches, the variant defined in that rule is served. The second rule is skipped. You can read more about this mechanism here.

Today’s addition lets you reorder the rules. This was a missing feature for too long. Reordering rules helps you adjust the order in which rules get evaluated. Just move the important ones to the top, as the evaluation runs top-to-bottom.

Dominik Ferber

Previously you were able to pass persisted: true as a flag user attribute to persist the flag user. This allowed you to later see that flag user in HappyKit’s UI.

This feature was removed today and the persisted option became a no-op. The option will be removed completely in a future breaking change.

The persisted flag users feature was removed in preparation for an upcoming exciting architectural change of HappyKit.

Dominik Ferber

Signing in from 404 pages now redirects you back to the page you were visiting originally.

Dominik Ferber

HappyKit has a Changelog now. In fact, you’re looking at it right now!

The Changelog will contain improvements made to HappyKit. Aside from following me on Twitter, this is the best place to keep up with how HappyKit’s changes!

Dominik Ferber

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