Release with confidence

Use Feature Flags to roll features out incrementally

HappyKit Flags

Fast Feature Flags designed for Next.js.

Test features in production. Before rolling them out to your users.

HappyKit Flags are built for Next.js. They allow you to take full advantage of Next.js features, like consuming your feature flags on the client, the server or even during static builds.

Preloading feature flags during server-side rendering opens up opportunities not previously possible with client-side only feature flags. You can combine server-side feature flags with dynamic imports to serve your users only the exact parts of your application they were targeted with.

Our feature flagging service is built on Cloudflare Workers, which makes them extremely fast. Quick response times of under 100ms enable you to use feature flags during server-side rendering without delaying visitors.

On the other hand, you can even consume feature flags during static builds. When you modify a feature flag on HappyKit, we'll redeploy your web application using deploy hooks. This combines the benefits of static builds with feature flags.

All these options allow you to see changes or new features in production, before your visitors. This gives you the chance to ensure functionality before rolling releases out to everyone.

Release with confidence.

HappyKit evaluated 149,640,568 Feature Flags in the last seven days. And I'd love for HappyKit to serve yours as well. now to get started.

Who's behind HappyKit?

Hi, I'm Dominik. While working with Next.js, I realized that Next.js is enabling a paradigm shift. The frontend and the backend are moving closer together. This unlocks a completely new category of tightly integrated services.

But existing tools haven't noticed.

They still live in a world where frontend and backend are miles apart. Segregated by location of execution.

So I set out to build drastically better tools. To take advantage of these new capabilities.

This journey has led me to create HappyKit Flags, a feature flagging service for your Next.js applications. Sign up below to get started for free. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

— Dominik

Curious? Sign up for free and create your first flag.

HappyKit Flags is serving millions of feature flags per day and I'd love for it to serve your feature flags as well! The setup is dead-simple and using HappyKit is free for personal projects.

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