Know your visitors

A dead-simple, privacy-friendly, free analytics service.

HappyKit Analytics

HappyKit Analytics gives you a brief overview of your visitors.

What's your most popular page? Which country are your users from? How many page views do you get per day? Are most visitors on laptops or on mobile phones?

HappyKit Analytics answers all these questions.

And best of all: Because it is built in a non-intrusive way, you don't need to worry about privacy laws. No GDPR banner necessary! No personal information about your visitors is stored.

You can integrate HappyKit Analytics with a single React hook.

And it weighs in at only 1 kB. So your site stays fast.

So the fun can continue.

What does it look like?

Screenshot of HappyKit Analytics

Who's behind HappyKit?

Hi, I'm Dominik. While working with Next.js, I realized that Next.js is enabling a paradigm shift. The frontend and the backend are moving closer together. This unlocks a completely new category of tightly integrated services.

But existing tools haven't noticed.

They still live in a world where frontend and backend are miles apart. Segregated by location of execution.

So I set out to build drastically better tools. To take advantage of these new capabilities.

This journey has led me to create HappyKit Flags, a feature flagging service for your Next.js applications. Sign up below to get started for free. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

— Dominik

Curious? Sign up for free and create your first flag.

HappyKit Flags is serving millions of feature flags per day and I'd love for it to serve your feature flags as well! The setup is dead-simple and using HappyKit is free for personal projects.

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